IgniteUI jQuery & ASP.NET MVC Controls

The complete HTML & JavaScript toolkit to build modern browser experiences on any device – desktop, tablet or phone. Designed for the enterprise - high-performance, touch-first, responsive apps – with AngularJS directives, Bootstrap support and ASP.NET MVC server-side wrappers.

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Build Modern Apps with Your Favorite Frameworks
IgniteUI plays nice with all of your favorite app frameworks, databinding libraries and IDE’s. With full support for AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Microsoft MVC, Boostrap, Ionic, Onsen and more, the choice is yours to build your next great app.
With Angular 2 Beta rolling out, we are committed to ensure that Ignite UI delivers Angular 2 support inherently. All Ignite UI controls have component definitions with Angular 2 Beta and are hosted on GitHub.
Use our AngularJS directives to declaratively build your next JavaScript & HTML based MVC app. Our directives, open source and housed on github, give you full two-way databinding and clean Angular integration.
Build mobile first, responsive web applications with Bootstrap and Ignite UI that work on every device. Bootstrap 4 has moved from LESS to SASS and so have all of our new Ignite UI themes which you can customize to your needs. Our LESS-based Bootstrap themes will also fit your requirements for superb web designs.
Our KnockoutJS support delivers dependency tracking, templating and automatic UI refresh using Konockout’s easy mapping of DOM elements to your data model.
Ignite UI offers ASP.NET MVC wrappers for every jQuery widget. Run components on the server side while keeping the same interactivity you get from HTML5. Enjoy seamless experience on all browsers.
Explore our beautiful Application Samples
These applications showcase IgniteUI controls working together to create compelling web experiences with HTML5 and jQuery.