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Data Grids


Designed for the modern web – high-performance, touch-friendly and responsive design – our HTML5 JavaScript data grids deliver on your enterprise business needs.

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Data Grids for Every Scenario
We don’t lock you in to a single data display – Ignite UI includes a grid for flat data display, hierarchical master-detail, hierarchical tree-lists and even support for multi-dimensional OLAP data.
Flat Data

Ignite UI includes the fastest HTML5 JavaScript grid on the market. Bind to a variety of data sources including JSON, XML, HTML tables, .NET collections, and even .NET DataTables. The HTML5 grid works with popular open source libraries including AngularJS, KnockoutJS, History.js, JsRender, and Bootstrap. It includes the features you expect – data editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, column pinning, column resizing, column summaries, data templates, paging, load-on-demand, and a lot more.

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Hierarchical / Master Detail Data

Built on top of the flat data grid, the HTML5 hierarchical grid delivers on master-detail displays with no compromises. Bind the hierarchical grid to a variety of data sources including JSON, XML, .NET collections, and even .NET DataSets. Use load-on-demand to deliver any amount of data to client. Included are interactions that you need for your enterprise apps – data editing, sorting, filtering, column resizing, column summaries, paging, and more.

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Tree Grid Data

The HTML5 TreeGrid presents hierarchical data by combining the principles of a tree and tabular data into a single control – with rollup summaries, sorting, filtering, grouping, paging, column-fixing and hiding, and more. The Tree Grid presents hierarchical data similar to the Ignite UI HTML5 hierarchical grid control - but the tree grid displays data all in the same columns. Perfect for financial applications like balance sheets, or any data scenario that requires roll-up columns or hierarchical data displayed in fixed columns. The Tree Grid supports line of business features like data editing, sorting, filtering, paging, column fixing, column hiding, multi-column headers and more.

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Designed for the Modern Web
Deliver mobile-first and touch-first experience to your customers out of the box. Designed for modern touch and responsive web, feel safe building apps that run on any device size. Use the Ignite UI Layout Manager, Tile Manager, Splitter or even Bootstrap to build responsive, beautiful applications with a wide variety of built-in customizable themes.
Databinding with AngularJS, KnockoutJS or Microsoft MVC
Ignite UI delivers inherent Angular 2 support. All Ignite UI controls have component definitions with Angular 2 and are hosted on GitHub.
Use our AngularJS directives to declaratively build your next JavaScript and HTML based MVC app. Our directives housed on github give you full two-way databinding and clean Angular integration.
Our KnockoutJS support delivers dependency tracking, templating and automatic UI refresh using Knockout’s easy mapping of DOM elements to your data model.
Get the full power of Visual Studio with our MVC components. Use the most powerful IDE in the world and your C# expertise to build complete, modern web experiences.
Rich Data Interactions
Give your users the interaction experience they expect – features like data entry, grouping, sorting, paging, filtering, column templates, column pinning, and more are available in the grid controls.
Flexible Layout for Responsive Design

Customize column layout based on screen size with our built-in responsive design features. This features let you hide columns, template columns, and change the entire data display based on the device screen size.

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High-Performance, High-Volume Data

Built-in DOM virtualization and paging features allow you to expose a million records in no time. Load your data on demand from your backend services to minimize loading time for your applications and to bring premium user experience to your customers.

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Local and Remote Data Access
Work with any data source – local XML, JSON, HTML table or remote web service. Utilize client and server side sorting, filtering, paging, summaries and grouping for your data. Allow your customers to easily find what they are looking for.
Efficient Data Entry

Edit multiple records and save them all at once with the batch editing feature or edit data inline within the cell, using templates with custom editors that match the column’s data type. This allows for adding new rows and deleting rows within the grid. Validations can also be done real-time within the grid cell – and many more functionalities created to enrich the performance of your applications.

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The Power of Excel without Excel

Use our full-featured JavaScript Excel library to dynamically create spreadsheets on the client and export grid to Excel without roundtrips to the server. You can even export your grids with features like sorting, filtering, summaries, hidden columns and more.

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