IgniteUI jQuery and ASP.NET MVC Controls


Data Visualization

The most complete set of high-volume, high-performance, interactive JavaScript / HTML5 data charts, maps, graphs, sparklines, trend lines and more that include support for a full range of business, scientific and financial charting scenarios. Visualize large amounts of data and build responsive enterprise-ready web and mobile solutions.
Any chart you need
Build with performance and various enterprise needs in mind, Ignite UI charts render large sets of data with over 75 visualization options:
  • Bar, Column and Stacked to compare data points in one or more data series
  • Scatter and Bubble to display values for two or three dimensions for a set of experiment data
  • Line, Area and Spline to display graphically quantitative data
  • Waterfall to understand the collective effect of consecutively introduced positive or negative values
  • Point to visualize categorized data with individual plotted point markers
  • Candlestick and OHLC to visualize price movements of a security, derivative or currency
  • Polar Scatter, Line or Spline series chart to show discrete points which are not connected and is useful to assess the “density” of the points in a certain area
  • Radial Line, Column or Pie series chart to compare quantitatively between multiple aspects of one object
Interactive Charts

Take the most out of your financial and economic scenarios in only a few clicks with our interactive charts, providing users with features such as hover interactions, series highlighting, tooltips and crosshair.

Highlight an entire series or individual items within the series of your report, focus on a specific part of the chart or customize your charts to best address your business needs.

Create in depth analysis with Ignite UI’s Zoombar
The Zoombar further enhances the capabilities of our charts and timelines and can also be plugged into other controls. It allows users to focus on the details currently important to their financial analysis or stock tracking report for example, and display the data in a clear way for faster and well-informed decisions.
Trend Lines - Calculate trends of financial data automatically
Ignite UI trend lines enable users to evaluate the tendencies in their data and mentally extrapolate past, future, or unknown values. Extremely useful in financial scenarios, the trend lines allows choosing among several formulas for generating a trending directional line.
Gauges - display actionable KPIs, progress goals or range values
Deliver effective data visualization without limits on the end target - business dashboards, cars or other types of machinery with Infragistics Linear and Radial gauges. Show a single measure on a linear range or use the Radial gauge when it comes to measuring pressure and speed.
QR Codes
Transform URLs, addresses, phone numbers or other data as a QR code to allow mobile users to find more about you quickly.
Geo visualizations on variety of maps
Display geographic locations in shapes of markers, lines, polygons, and even as interactive bitmaps on variety of maps including OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, CloudMade. With rich support of map types, navigation and touch-enabled interface we cover any mapping scenario.
Ignite UI Bulletgraph provides a rich display of data in a small space, which is essential key value for a dashboard. The control displays a single primary measure and compares to one or more other measures to create a concise data visualization.
Ignite UI Sparkline control is a data-intense, design-simple graphic that allows end users to spot trends, variations and patterns in data in a clear and compact representation.
The Infragistics Motion Framework allows developers using the Ignite UI chart controls, to increase the visual appeal of, and imply trends or other meaning behind the data. Tell the story of your data in a way that allows the end users to experience a fully customizable immersive and animated user experience. End users can move step-by-step through time to see the relationship between data points change with each transition.
Customize look and feel
Customize chart axis, legend, tooltip, title in our data visualization controls in a way that best addresses your business and development needs.
Mobile and Cross-Browser Friendly
Deliver the same experience on both mobile and desktop with consistent behavior across all browsers.