IgniteUI jQuery and ASP.NET MVC Controls




Modern Web applications call for inputs and editors that deliver a premium experience when editing different kinds of data. Ignite UI includes editors, that help end users visualize all common types of data through specialized data type editors, masked editors, a validation framework, and an extremely versatile combo editor.

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Never get this date format wrong again with our fully localizable date picker control. Let the user select date from a calendar or input it directly.
Predefined Data Input
Our mask editor features an input mask that guides your users in their way to entering credit card numbers, phone numbers, zip codes and more so they comply with your format constraints.
All Ignite UI controls are localizable so that they support the specific data formatting in every country.
Rich text editing
Create and format online content with the HTML editor, which allows for WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) type of editing. Its options include managing the font face and size, the text alignment, as well as image, hyperlink and table support.
Numbers, Currency or Percentages
Wide variety of formatting options for reading and editing numeric data, including numbers, currency values and percentages to help build more intuitive web forms.