IgniteUI jQuery and ASP.NET MVC Controls




Ignite UI includes a number of lightweight frameworks to increase your productivity and performance of enterprise mobile and cross-browsers applications. Minimize the initial page load, use a powerful templating engine or work natively with Microsoft Excel and Word documents are only a few of the suite’s rich functionalities.

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Enhance your page performance by reducing load times with Ignite UI Loader. We defer resource loading of JavaScript and CSS files until the moment they are actually needed. We also help you load all resources required by a widget feature and with the right regional settings.
PDF & XPS Documents
Need to create a report in PDF or XPS directly from your .NET application? Using our Document Engine you can handle every report scenario. Add personality to your reports using graphics, table of contents, index and bookmarks.
Excel & Word Documents
Easily integrate Microsoft Word documents or import and export Microsoft Excel workbooks in high-fidelity into your client-side applications. Run them completely independent of Excel or use the Microsoft Word Library to write styled text, hyperlinks, images, tables, shapes and more.
Data Source
Working with various types of data can be tedious. Our Data Source component provide abstraction over the actual data source. It works with both local and remote data and supports paging, sorting, filtering and data schema support out of the box.
JavaScript Excel Library
Create, edit and load Excel Workbooks and Worksheets directly from your browser, leverage built-in powerful Excel formulas all in JavaScript from the client. You can also export your data grids to Excel with formatting, grouping and filtering.
Templating Engine
All Ignite UI controls support consistent templating syntax with the support of conditional logic and nested templates.