Ignite UI API Reference


Base class for horizontal and vertical page breaks in a Worksheet.


The current widget has no options.
The current widget has no events.
  • equals

    .equals( obj:object );
    Return Type:
    Return Type Description:
    True if the object is the same type as this PageBreak and has the same data; False otherwise.

    Determines whether this PageBreak is equal to the specified object.

    • obj
    • Type:object
    • The object to test.
  • getHashCode

    .getHashCode( );
    Return Type:
    Return Type Description:
    A hash code for the instance.

    Gets the hash code for the PageBreak.

  • printArea

    .printArea( );
    Return Type:
    Return Type Description:
    A <seealso cref="T:Infragistics.Documents.Excel.WorksheetRegion"/> instance that is the print area where the page break occurs or null if the page break occurs across the entire sheet.

    Gets the print area in which the page break occurs.

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