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igNumericEditor Accessibility Compliance

igNumericEditor Accessibility Compliance

All of the Ignite UI™ controls and components comply with Section 508, Subpart 1194.22 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Table 1 contains the specific rules of Subpart 1194.22 that pertain to the control. Also detailed is how the igNumericEditor control complies with each rule.

To meet the requirements each accessibility rule, in some cases, you may need to interact with the control by to setting a specific property, but in other cases the control does the work for you.

Note: As jQuery controls are client-only, some of the rules are not supported and are marked as limitations.

Table 1: Section 508 compliance description

Rules How We Comply with Rules
(c) Using client side events, the user can change attributes of any of the control's DOM element reflecting the current state.
(d) The control's markup is readable without the associated style sheet because it’s a client-side control and depends on the CSS rules.
(l) When the control's scripts are changing the page markup, the new created content complies with the screen reader due to the attributes described in rule (c).

When igDateEditor is on focus(edit mode):

  • UP ARROW – increases the value of the editor
  • DOWN ARROW – decrease the value of the editor
  • If igDateEditor has list items set Up/Down arrow will change the value according to the list
  • If listitem option is set:
    • Ctrl/Alt + DOWN ARROW – opens dropdown list
    • Ctrl/Alt + UP ARROW – closes dropdown list
    • Escape – closes dropdown list(if opened)
    • If dropdown list is opened
      • If list has several columns:
        • LEFT ARROW – move highlighted item to the left column(if there is any), on the same row
        • RIGHT ARROW – move highlighted item to the right column(if there is any), on the same row
      • Page Up/Down – when there are more items in the list it behaves like a normal Page Up/Down Otherwise it just moves highlighted item to top/bottom item
      • DOWN ARROW – navigate highlighted item down
      • UP ARROW – navigate highlighted item up
      • HOME – set highlighted item to the first item of the list
      • END – set highlighted item to the last item of the
      • Enter/Space - select highlighted item, update value in field and close list
* Descriptive label is not provided for the editor input.

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