IgniteUI jQuery and ASP.NET MVC Controls




Good user interactions in modern enterprise applications are crucial for their success. With a suite of user interaction components we cover all common scenarios that exist on the web, enabling to reach effectively to your users.

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Hierarchical Navigation

Our Tree Control provides intuitive interface to display hierarchical information with rich support for data binding, keyboard navigation, drag-and-drop and checkboxes. Thanks to our load on demand feature we support large tree-like data structures with neat performance.

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Dialog Window

Retrieve user input or show a modal content using Ignite UI Dialog Window control. Supports standard window interaction like move, close, minimize, maximize, pin.

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Simultaneous, Multi File Upload

Upload pictures, reports or any file and give instant
feedback to the user using progress information.

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Display Contextual Information

Provide additional context-specific information upon click or tap on any element.

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5 Stars

Out-of-the box HTML 5 rating control to grade hotels, movies, energy efficiency, musical performance and other.

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Full-featured Media Experience

Video and banner ads, full playback API, related videos and bookmarks support – build immersive multimedia experience with Ignite UI player. Display HTML 5 video without the need for browser plugins.

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