Welcome to Infragistics Document Engine

The Infragistics Document Engine™ is a complete, self-contained code library, allowing you to generate exceptional reports in both Portable Document Format (PDF) and XML Paper Specification (XPS) format. Infragistics Document Engine's Document Object Model (DOM) is simple enough to get up and running quickly, yet complex enough to give you the customizability that Infragistics products are known for. Using the DOM, you can effectively create a report, add a section, add some text, and publish the report -- all in a mere four lines of code.

Report Elements

Using report elements, you can create the report's body, manage the layout, add content, and even add navigation helpers such as a table of contents or an index.

DocumentEngine Report Layout

Control the flow of information and how the information is laid out on a page. Use Sections to define logical regions within a report, each being able to contain its own headers and footers. Add columns to your report with the Flow element. Take even more control of your report's layout with more advanced layout elements such as Chain, Rotator, and Stretcher Content elements provide you with a means to add repeatable content such as Tables, Lists, and Trees. These elements couple nicely with a data source. You can use the Table element to duplicate a Customers table from a DataSet, the List element to list all customers of a certain status, and the Tree element to display a simplified version of a hierarchical data source.

Quick Content

When you need to quickly add text, images, a list, or table, these lightweight elements are perfect. Not as complex as their full-fledged counterparts, these elements get the job done with a minimal amount of hassle.

Navigation Helpers

There are certain elements that a 500-page report shouldn't be without. When your report is extremely lengthy, it helps to have a table of contents to quickly browse the content of the report and jump to a certain page. Or, when you need to find a specific word, an Index can help by listing all pages of a specific term. Bookmarks are also excellent navigation helpers as they keep track of important pages that you may want to return to later.

Report Graphics

Once the layout of your report has been determined, improve its appearance with several graphical elements. Use Brushes and Pens to fill elements with different Colors and control the look of element borders. Add Images of charts, logos, products, etc. Create complex polygonal Shapes using Points. Manage the numerous fonts of your report with the Fonts element.

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