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Click on the links below to find information on how to get igDialog™ quickly up and running and discover how to utilize it to your advantage.


This section contains topics covering the implementation of igDialog.

  • igDialog Overview: The topic introduces the user to the igDialog control’s main features.

  • Adding igDialog: This topic demonstrates how to add the igDialog control to a web page.

  • Configuring igDialog: This topic references the main igDialog features, as well as their configuration and usage.

  • API Reference (igDialog): This topic introduces igDialog API categories. You can find all the references to the control properties, methods, events and CSS classes, as well as some specific cases when the API is used.

  • Styling and Theming igDialog: This topic demonstrates different approaches of styling the igDialog.

  • Known Issues and Limitations (igDialog): This topic demonstrates the known issues for the igDialog control.

  • Accessibility Compliance (igDialog): This topic explains the accessibility features included with igDialog and provides advice on how to achieve accessibility compliance for pages containing dialog windows.

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