igSpreadsheet Visual Elements

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This topic provides an overview of the visual elements of the control.

Required background

To understand this topic you need to be familiar with the concept and topics related to the Infragistics JavaScript Excel Library.

Visual Elements of igSpreadsheet control

The following screenshot depicts the visual elements of the igSpreadsheet control. The configurable elements are listed after the image.

  1. Formula Bar
  2. Name Box
  3. Decline and confirm buttons of the Formula Editor
  4. Formula Editor
  5. Column headers
  6. Row headers
  7. Speadsheet data cells
  8. Buttons for scrolling the worksheet tabs listed
  9. Button for activating the previous worksheet
  10. List of worksheets available in the opened workbook (the current worksheet is displayed with different color)
  11. Button for activating the next worksheet
  12. Button for adding worksheet to the opened workbook
  13. Splitter used to divide the space between the worksheets tab bar area and the horizontal scrollbar
  14. Horizontal scrollbar
  15. Vertical scrollbar

Note: Bullets from 8 to 12 are forming the worksheets tab bar area.

Visual elements and related properties

The following table maps the visual elements of the igSpreadsheet control and the properties that configure them.

Visual Element Property
Formula Bar isFormulaBarVisible
Column and row headers areHeadersVisible
Spreadsheet data cells areGridlinesVisible

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