Application Samples

These applications showcase Ignite UI controls working together to create compelling web experiences with HTML5 and jQuery.
Project Management Dashboard
The Project Management Dashboard sample showcases jQuery controls like the doughnut chart and the hierarchical grid to represent task progress and time allocation. This sample even combines the grid and linear gauge to help users easily identify risks and adjust project plans accordingly.
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Marketing Dashboard
The Marketing Dashboard sample demonstrates the date picker, data chart, map, doughnut chart and bullet graph controls to tackle specific analytical challenges. The dashboard view brings together different data points a marketing expert would want to track like sessions, conversions and conversion costs.
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Financial Analysis & Stock Tracking
The Finance Dashboard sample demonstrates the data chart, combo, dialog, and zoom bar controls for the Financial Services industry. The data chart is optimized for high-speed financial charting. This sample uses large datasets with millions of data points and real-time updates. The data chart enables key statistical and technical indicators and comparisons to key competitors.
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Sales Dashboard & Performance Tracking
The Auto Sales Tracking sample is an example application showcasing some of the most powerful Ignite UI controls including the map, grid, and various charts. The map control shows the geographical region represented in the sales data. Bullet graphs, data charts, and pie charts show sales figures over time and in relation to target figures. Sales are detailed using the grid control by dealership and manufacturer and bullet graphs embedded in the grid provide glanceable sales summaries. The application demonstrates how Ignite UI controls are used together to build an immersive and attractive user experience.
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Global Demographics Over Time
The WorldStats application sample shows the amazing Motion Framework of the Ignite UI Data Chart control that animates data over time to provide users with an extra layer of temporal insight into their data. This sample gives users rich insight into statistical data about all countries in the world by leveraging the Ignite UI Data Chart, Data Grid, Dialog Window, and more. Each chart supports zooming and drag-to-zoom, along with multiple series, series, types, and scales.
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Personal Health Tracker
The Personal Health Tracker sample demos using Ignite UI inside the PhoneGap framework for native-like, installed app experiences.
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Patient Management & Vitals
The ER Dashboard sample demonstrates the capabilities of multiple Ignite UI controls working together into a single complex view designed for mobile tablet devices. The main part of the sample is several charts displaying different kinds of information about patients admitted to the emergency ward of a hospital. The sample shows how the same information can be displayed in a grid and how to switch between views. Combo boxes are used to select different medical parameters to be displayed dynamically update the data behind the charts. Additional buttons let you change the chart visualization with the same data.
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Personal Finance Dashboard
The Personal Finance Dashboard sample demonstrates the chart controls from the Ignite UI library acting together with grids, combo boxes and editors in a complex application. The sample is designed with mobile tablet devices in mind taking into account screen size and performance. The view displays several aspects of personal finances in graphic and tabular form separated into panels. It shows selecting different periods of time changes the data behind a chart and how to dynamically change the data series rendered by a chart.
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