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Ignite UI Boilerplate - jQuery UI

The boilerplate is a template which includes all of the required dependencies for Ignite UI® jQuery UI-based controls. Simply copy this boilerplate to a blank HTML file. All of the required JavaScript and CSS is referenced from CDNs making it easy for you to get started with Ignite UI.
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Create a Grid and Data Chart

Start using the two most powerful Ignite UI controls right now. To re-create this sample, add the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS from the code viewer to the boilerplate. View the full page if you want to see the complete sample.

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Ignite UI Dependencies

This list includes the general JavaScript and CSS dependencies for Ignite UI. The CDN links make it easy for you to reference these scripts in your application. For production environments, you should consider creating a custom build of Ignite UI that includes only the controls and features that you need. You can download the full product and custom builds on the download page.

Required Dependencies

Infragistics Theme

The Infragistics theme is a jQuery UI theme providing the default look and feel for the Ignite UI controls. You have the option to substitute your own jQuery UI theme instead.

<link href="http://cdn-na.infragistics.com/igniteui/2016.2/latest/css/themes/infragistics/infragistics.theme.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Structure CSS

The infragistics.css file provides the CSS related to layout and positioning for the Ignite UI controls.

<link href="http://cdn-na.infragistics.com/igniteui/2016.2/latest/css/structure/infragistics.css" rel="stylesheet" />


One of the most popular JavaScript libraries, jQuery serves as the base for jQuery UI. Learn more at http://jquery.com.

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script>

jQuery UI

The jQuery UI framework adds a set of interactions, effects, widgets, and themes serving as the basis for UI controls in Ignite UI. Learn more at http://jqueryui.com.

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.11.1/jquery-ui.min.js"></script>

Bundled Ignite UI Core JavaScript

Ignite UI offers a set of bundled JavaScript files. The infragistics.core.js file contains base logic and data source components.

<script src="http://cdn-na.infragistics.com/igniteui/2016.2/latest/js/infragistics.core.js"></script>

Optional Dependencies


Modernizr is a library that makes it easy to detect features present in the browser. Ignite UI primarily uses this library to detect touch capabilities.. Learn more at http://modernizr.com.

<script src="http://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/modernizr/modernizr-2.8.3.js"></script>

Bundled Ignite UI DV JavaScript

For all charting and mapping controls, use infragistics.dv.js. It takes a dependency on infragistics.core.js and is only required when using charting and mapping controls.

<script src="http://cdn-na.infragistics.com/igniteui/2016.2/latest/js/infragistics.dv.js"></script>

Bundled Ignite UI LOB JavaScript

For all other controls including grids, OLAP, and line-of-business, use infragistics.lob.js. This script also takes a dependency on infragistics.core.js.

<script src="http://cdn-na.infragistics.com/igniteui/2016.2/latest/js/infragistics.lob.js"></script>

What's Next

Now that you have the basics down, browse around the samples to learn more about how you can make your apps more awesome using Ignite UI! Learn more about some of the most popular controls: