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This topic explains, with code examples, how to add the igZoombar™ control to an HTML page and an ASP.NET MVC application.

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  • igZoombar Overview: This topic provides conceptual information about the igZoombar control and the functionalities it including the supported user interactions and some configuration basics.

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Adding igZoombar – Conceptual Overview

igZoombar summary

The igZoombar cannot work as a standalone control. It is designed to be used as an enhancement to range-enabled controls like igDataChart™. It works only in combination with other controls. The igZoombar supports igDataChart out of the box.

igZoombar summary chart

The following table gives a brief conceptual summary on how to add the igZoombar control to an HTML page and an ASP.NET MVC application. For further details, see Adding igZoombar – Code Examples.

To enable igZoombar in… Do this…
JavaScript Create and instance of igZoombar control and attach it to the igDataChart control using the target option.
ASP.NET MVC In the View, use the Infragistics® MVC Helper and call its Zoombar method which returns the ZoombarWrapper object. Attach the ZoombarWrapper object to an igDataChart control using its Target method. Finally, call the ZoombarWrapper.Render method.
Note: There is no need to define placeholders in the HTML page. They will be created automatically by the Infragistics ASP.NET MVC wrapper

Adding igZoombar – Code Examples

Code examples summary

The following table lists the code examples included in this topic.

Code Example: Adding igZoombar in JavaScript


The following code creates an igZoombar instance with its default configuration and connects it to an igDataChart.



<!--Add a placeholders to the HTML page -->
<div id="chart"></div>
<div id="zoom"></div>
var chart = $("#chart");
// igDataChart options
    target: "#chart"

Code Example: Adding igZoombar in ASP.NET MVC


The following code creates igDataChart and igZoombar instances in the View using the Infragistics ASP.NET MVC wrappers. The igZoombar control is rendered with its default configuration.


In C#:

// DataChart options

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