Features Overview (igTreeGrid)

The igTreeGrid extends the igGrid control, building on the same modular architecture where features are extended from the igGrid's equivalents. This allows functional and API parity between the two controls for most features, while some are further customized to better fit the needs of presenting interactive hierarchical data.

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As expected, enabling features in the tree grid is identical to the igGrid by defining a features array:

    features : [
        { name : 'Paging' },
        { name : 'Sorting', firstSortDirection: 'descending' }

While may of the tree grid APIs are inherited from igGrid you can use a syntax that is native to the tree grid to access those features. For instance if you want to use the Sorting API you could use:

$(".selector").igGridSorting( "option", "firstSortDirection", "ascending");

or you can execute the same logic by using a syntax that matches the tree grid:

$(".selector").igTreeGridSorting( "option", "firstSortDirection", "ascending");

Notice how the syntax changed from .igGridSorting to .igTreeGridSorting.

In addition, the same compatibility between supported feature module apply as well. You can reference the full list in the Feature Compatibility Matrix (igGrid).

Inherited igGrid Features

Features inherited directly (extended without modifications) from the igGrid behave in the exact same way in the igTreeGrid as they would in the igGrid. These include:

Unsupported Features

While some feature might be successfully enabled for the igTreeGrid, some of them might not behave as expected, therefore they are considered as not yet supported and include the following:

  • Summaries
  • Column Grouping
  • Unbound columns

Specialized Features


  1. Sorting against a column sorts the grid's data recursively at each level. To control the range of levels affected by the feature two additional properties are available - fromLevel and toLevel defining the first and last bound levels in the hierarchy to be sorted.
  2. If a parent record does not have data in the column being sorted the record position in the grid will not be changed and the sort is only applied to its child rows.
  3. Sorting persists expansion state.


The Paging feature for the igTreeGrid is extended from the igGridPaging feature and is customized to present hierarchical data. It includes additional options and methods specific for the igTreeGrid.

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The Filtering feature in the igTreeGrid is applied on the entirety of the column data across all levels and behaves as if the data structure is flat.

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The extended Updating feature adds support for hierarchy within a single grid, maintains functionality such as inline editing experience or row edit template and takes advantage of the to the underlying igTreeHierarchicalDataSource.

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Column Moving

The Column Moving feature allows reordering of the tree grid’s columns via the tree grid's interface or programmatically through the TreeGridColumnMoving API. This feature extends the igGrid's ColumnMoving feature.

Column Fixing

The Column Fixing feature allows fixing of the tree grid’s columns via the tree grid's interface or programmatically through the TreeGridColumnFixing API. This feature extends the igGrid's ColumnFixing feature.

Column Hiding

The Column Hiding feature allows hiding of the tree grid’s columns via the tree grid's interface or programmatically through the TreeGridColumnHiding API. This feature extends the igGrid's ColumnHiding feature.

Note: The only difference in Column Moving, Column Fixing and Column Hiding features of the igGrid and igTreeGrid controls is the fact that the expansion indicator is always rendered in the first visible column. If the first visible column changes, then the grid will be rerendered and the expansion indicator will be in the new first column.

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