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This topic demonstrates how to configure Multiple Cell Selection for both Desktop and Touch environments for the igGrid™ control.

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The igGrid selection feature enables single and multiple cell selection in the grid. Single cell selection is achieved by clicking on a cell (Desktop) or tapping a cell (Touch) Multiple selection is available for both Desktop and Touch environments with the appropriate configuration of the grid.

The igHierarchicalGrid™ internally uses the igGrid control and is designed to use all the igGrid features. The Selection feature is not inheritable in an igHierarchicalGrid instance, which means that when the Selection is configured once in the parent grid widget. Once enabled on the parent grid then the Selection feature is available for the whole grid, including the child layouts.

Multiple Cell Selection

Multiple Cell Selection Overview

The following summarizes the different approaches of how to select multiple cells in the igGrid control. Additional details are available after the summary table.

Note: To enable multiple selection you need to set the multipleSelection property to true, because the default value is false.

Multiple Cell Selection by dragging

The igGrid Selection property that allows users to drag and select multiple cells under Desktop platforms is called mouseDragSelect and must be set to true.

The corresponding property for multiple cell selection via touch is touchDragSelect and must also be set to true.

Note: By default the both properties are set to true, therefore even without explicit configuration users are able to select multiple cells.

Additional implementation details are available in the related sample.

Related Sample:

Multiple Cell Selection by multiple clicks/taps

Achieving selection of non-contiguous cells (random locations) is done by holding CTRL + cell click when selecting cells in a Desktop environment. Enabling the same functionality for touch environments requires the multipleCellSelectOnClick property to be set to true. The effect of setting this property is that it ensures anytime a user clicks a new cell the existing selection preserved as if CTRL is being pressed on the keyboard. Touch-enabled environments take advantage of this behavior in order to achieve non-contiguous selection.

Additional implementation details are available in the related sample.

Property Reference

This section explains the igGrid Multiple Cell Selection properties.

The following table summarizes the relevant properties for enabling multiple selection for the igGrid control.

Property Default Value Description
multipleSelection false Enables/disables multiple selection.
multipleCellSelectOnClick false Enable/disables multiple cell selection as if the CTRL key is being held down when a cell is clicked or tapped.
mouseDragSelect true Enables/disables selection by dragging the mouse.
touchDragSelect true Enables/disables selection by drag gesture.

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