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This topic provides an overview of the various ways to configure the igSparkline™ control and links to the related API members.

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igSparkline Configuration Summary

igSparkline configuration summary chart

The following table lists the configurable aspects of the igSparkline control.

Configurable aspects Details Properties
Defining the Sparkline Type Specifies the type of Sparkline: Line, Area, Column or WinLoss. displayType
Defining a Normal Range Defines a shaded area across the chart (horizontally). normalRangeVisibility
Configuring the Normal Range Configures the various normal range aspects: top and bottom border, and color. normalRangeMinimum normalRangeMaximum normalRangeFill
Defining Markers Defines markers to display on the following chart types: Line, Area and Column. markerVisibility
firstMarkerVisibility lastMarkerVisibility
Configuring the Markers Configures the various marker aspects: brush size and color. markerSize
Adding a Trend Line Specifies the type of trend line to place over the chart. trendLineType
Configuring the Trend Line Configures the various trend line aspects: trend line brush, period, and type, and line thickness. trendLineBrush
trendLinePeriod trendLineType
Interpolating Unknown Values Identifies an unknown value (null or NaN) and allows you to interpolate or view it as a blank point. unknownValuePlotting
Configuring the Tooltip Enables a tooltip and displays the supplied HTML template with support for the following keys: Low, High, First, Last toolTipTemplate

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