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Interface implemented by the formula object.


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  • addDynamicReferenceI

    .addDynamicReferenceI( reference:ig.excel.IExcelCalcReference );

    Adds a reference created during the evaluation of the formula to the references of the formula.

    • reference
    • Type:ig.excel.IExcelCalcReference
    • The reference to add to the formula's dynamic references collection.


    If the reference is already in the references or dynamic references collection of the formula, this will have no effect.

  • baseReference

    .baseReference( );

    Base reference associated with the formula.


    Base reference associated with the formula. For example, in the case of a column formula, BaseReference would be the column reference.

  • dynamicReferences

    .dynamicReferences( );

    Gets the collection of reference created during the last evaluation of the formula.

  • evaluate

    .evaluate( reference:ig.excel.IExcelCalcReference );
    Return Type:
    Return Type Description:
    Retuns an <a href="ig.excel.ExcelCalcValue.html">ExcelCalcValue</a> containing result of formula evaluation

    Evaluate the compiled expression against the given base reference

    • reference
    • Type:ig.excel.IExcelCalcReference
    • Base reference used to resolve relative references into absolute references
  • formulaString

    .formulaString( );

    Formula string.

  • hasAlwaysDirty

    .hasAlwaysDirty( );

    Returns whether the formula contains an always dirty function.

  • staticReferences

    .staticReferences( );
    Return Type:
    Return Type Description:
    Collection of <a href="ig.excel.IExcelCalcReference.html">IExcelCalcReference</a>s

    Retuns a collection of references contained in the formula token string

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