jQuery and MVC API Reference Links (igPieChart)

Topic Overview


This topic provides links to the API documentation for jQuery and Ignite UI for MVC class for igPieChart™.

Required Background

The following topics are prerequisite to understanding this topic:

  • igPieChart Overview: This topic provides conceptual information about the igPieChart control including its main features, minimum requirements, and user functionality.

  • Adding an igPieChart: This topic demonstrates how to create add the igPieChart control and bind it to data.

igPieChart API Reference


The igPieChart is built as a jQuery UI widget with an accompanying Ignite UI for MVC PieChart. For more information about each API, follow the links to the API documentation given below.

API reference summary

API Description
igPieChart jQuery API The documentation contains an overview of the control and full list of options, events, and methods with code snippets.
igPieChart MVC API The documentation contains the PieChart class description and a list of all of its members.

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