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This topic provides an overview of the igOlapXmlaDataSource™ component and its main features.

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The igOlapXmlaDataSource component handles the communication between a JavaScript client application and a Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) server configured with the msmdpump.dll HTTP data provider. It exposes a user-friendly way for obtaining data from Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (MS SASS) – you do not have to possess any particular knowledge of Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) or XML for Analysis (XMLA) in order to get the data from an SSAS server. The igOlapXmlaDataSource generates the necessary MDX queries based on the commands it is given. The igOlapXmlaDataSource is usually used with one or more of the Ignite UI for jQuery widgets capable of visualizing and interacting with OLAP data, e.g. igPivotView™ or igPivotGrid™.

Main Features

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The following table summarizes the main features of the igOlapXmlaDataSource component. Additional details on each feature are available after the table.

Feature Description
MS SSAS server support Given a URL of an Internet Information Services (IIS) server hosting the msmdpump.dll Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) extension or a preconfigured ADOMD.NET endpoint, the igOlapXmlaDataSource establishes connection to the server.
Authentication support The igOlapXmlaDataSource supports basic (username and password) authentication.
Support of OLAP metadata pre-sets When initialized, the igOlapXmlaDataSource downloads the OLAP metadata from the server – available databases, cubes, measure groups, dimensions, etc.
Data slices generation After hierarchies are assigned as rows/columns, igOlapXmlaDataSource generates one or more result axes containing tuples of members from the corresponding hierarchies. If measures, too, have been chosen, igOlapXmlaDataSource generates a two-dimensional array of value cell objects.
Integration with Ignite UI for jQuery controls The igOlapXmlaDataSource component can feed data to those data visualization controls of Ignite UI for jQuery that are capable of presenting OLAP data.

MS SSAS server support

The igOlapXmlaDataSource component is designed to communicate with an MS SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) server that has HTTP access through msmdpump.dll or through ADOMD.NET. In order to connect to the server, you need to specify only the URL of the server.

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Authentication support

The igOlapXmlaDataSource component exposes options for configuring authentication. For basic authentication, you can either set the credentials in code or let the user enter them from a browser popup. For the configuration requirements and limitations, refer to the related topics.

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Support of OLAP metadata pre-sets

Upon initialization, the igOlapXmlaDataSource component loads all the available metadata from the server. You can limit the downloaded metadata to a relevant pre-configured set by specifying database, cube, and measure group.

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Data slices generation

The igOlapXmlaDataSource component represents an abstraction of a pivot table. It has rows, columns, filters, and measures collections to which data source hierarchies and measures can be added. After adding items to these collections, igOlapXmlaDataSource downloads the needed data and writes it in an $ig.OlapResult object, which can be obtained through the result property. This object has row and column axes containing the hierarchies’ members and an array of data cell objects containing the measure values according to the present measures.

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Integration with Ignite UI for jQuery controls

The igOlapXmlaDataSource component can feed data to those data visualization controls of Ignite UI for jQuery that are capable of presenting OLAP data. The controls supported at this writing are igPivotDataSelector, igPivotGrid, and igPivotView.

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