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Bullet Graph - Overview

The igBulletGraph is an HTML5, canvas-based bullet graph control. It displays a single primary measure and compares to one or more other measures to create a concise data visualization. The igBulletGraph supports a variety of configurations and includes animation and tooltip features. See the complete list of samples in the menu.

Sunkost: Sales Target of 2013

YTD Revenue


Avg Order

New Customers

The sales totals to date for 2013 (white horizontal line), clearly exceed the total sales for all of 2012 (the beginning of the middle range). The 2013 sales numbers suggest that our new marketing campaign is successful, resulting in increased product penetration and a significant sales boost, working our way up to the targeted goals for the whole year (vertical white lines).

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This sample demonstrates configuring the performance (value) bar, the comparative measure (target value) marker, and the dimension of the scale of the the igBulletGraph control.

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