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Hierarchical Grid - Editing

In this sample the igHierarchicalGrid Updating feature communicates with the Grid MVC Helper wrapper to persist the changes on the server in a DataSet object.

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The igHierarchicalGrid Updating feature uses transactions to log any changes made to the grid. These transactions are kept locally in the browser until the igHierarchicalGrid.saveChanges API method is called to send a POST request to the URL indicated by the igHierarchicalGrid.updateUrl option. On the server, these transaction should be parsed and processed, and the Grid MVC Helper wrapper greatly simplifies this task. The EditingSaveChanges controller method uses a GridModel.LoadTransactions(string postdata) to deserialize the changes from the grid and processes them. Use the grid to add, edit or delete single or multiple records in either the root or child layout. Press "Save Changes" to send the changes on the server with an Ajax call.

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