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Data Source - HTML Binding

This sample demonstrates how to bind the igDataSource component to HTML Table Data.
ID Name Number
1Adjustable RaceAR-5381
2Bearing BallBA-8327
3BB Ball BearingBE-2349
4Headset Ball BearingsBE-2908
317LL CrankarmCA-5965
318ML CrankarmCA-6738
319HL CrankarmCA-7457
320Chainring BoltsCB-2903
321Chainring NutCN-6137

ID Name Number

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Press the "Databind" button to bind the data source to the table above. When you click the "Databind" button, the contents of the first HTML table will be extracted by the data source, and rendered dynamically in another templated table, below the first one.

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