Defines the criterion for an IconSetConditionalFormat threshold.


This class provides the ability to override the default behavior of the associated condition for the threshold defined by this instance.

For example, the icon displayed for cell values which fall within this threshold is determined by the value of the IconSetConditionalFormat.iconSet, but can be overridden using the IconCriterion.icon property.

Similarly, the default unit for this criterion's value is percentage, but this can be overridden using the ConditionValue.valueType property. For example, to define the unit for the value as a specific number, assign a value of Number to the ValueType property.

The value for this threshold is defined by the parent condition, based on the total number of thresholds. For IconSetConditionalFormat.iconSet values which yield three thresholds, for example, the effective value is dependent on the threshold, so that each threshold represents approximately 33% of the associated range. This can be overridden using the CriterionBase.value property; for example, setting the ValueType property to Number and the Value property to a specific number overrides the behavior as defined by the parent condition, and forces the threshold boundary to the specific numeric value.

For this reason, the IconCriterion.icon, ConditionValue.value, and ConditionValue.valueType properties support null values, and are in fact set to null by default; this is interpreted by the parent condition as "not set", resulting in the threshold criterion being determined solely by the parent condition.


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